Accessible And Professional Legal Help

My motivation for practicing law is the same today as it was when I first became an attorney in 1977: I believe everyone deserves quality legal representation.

With that principle in mind, I make myself accessible and my services affordable, and I work hard to help my clients reach their goals.

My firm, The Law Office of Jan Dewoody Scussel, is in Batesville, Arkansas, and I represent individuals and businesses in Independence County and throughout the surrounding area.

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Divorce And Family Law

Some people who are going through a divorce, a child custody dispute or other issues in family law want a lawyer who will bang on a podium and yell at the other side. That's not me. I have done that in the past, and I am not afraid to be aggressive when I have to be, but I try to make difficult situations easier — not just louder — for my clients.

I represent clients in uncontested divorces, taking a thorough, patient and exacting approach to property division and other family law issues. I defend their rights, protect their children's best interests and work to attain a settlement that will secure a healthier future for them.

Residential And Commercial Real Estate

The practice of real estate law is exacting work. I help buyers, sellers, developers, investors and other types of clients with a number of issues in real estate law. I research titles and deeds, find outstanding liens or other defects, and help clients resolve them so that they can make sure their transactions exist on a solid legal foundation. I work with both commercial and residential real estate, and I have experience with landlord-tenant law.

Contact My Office

If you need an experienced lawyer for family law or real estate law, contact my office by calling 870-663-4044. You can also contact me by email.